Michael Pearce


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A 30+ year banker, having worked with TSB, NatWest and Citibank, Michael moved into the advisory sphere and works directly with numerous founders and start-ups, and Impact/Venture Fund managers to offer his expertise in finance and governance.

NED & Board Advisory Experience:

Michael currently serves as the Board Chairperson for the Afghanistan International Bank and Board Advisor to Koya Capital Pty Ltd. He has served as an Executive Board member and Audit & Risk Committee chair for several Citibank Subsidiaries including those in Switzerland, Cameroon, Gabon, DR Congo, Morocco, and South Africa.


Michael brings expertise in finance, banking and governance and is also an experienced coach, working with Barclays Rise FinTech Accelerator, Barclays Black Founders programme, Lloyds Immerse Finance Accelerator and AusTrade FinTech Academy. He has developed strategy frameworks and plans throughout his career, most recently designing and detailing the strategic direction for a Wealth Management Platform and a Sustainable Construction company. He works directly with numerous founders and start-ups, and Impact/Venture Fund managers, and is highly skilled at enabling connections and networking to promote growth and synergy.


Qualified Executive Coach/ BSc(HONS) degree in Chemistry with Business Administration/ Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants/ Fellow member of Royal Society of Arts

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